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Being Prayer--Transforming Consciousness - the book available for download chapter by chapter. Read on your computer or print on paper. Print back and front of paper and fit page. The text will be identical to book, but in large print format.
    Coming Home Through Our Senses - $5 - Buy Now or Add to Cart
    Knowing the Mind - $5 - Buy Now or Add to Cart
    Freeing the Mind
    Shaping the Mind
    Birthing Embodied Being
    Prayers of Intention
    Satipatthana Sutta
Contemplative Reading - a suggested method for spiritual reading, a way to make any reading and study a spiritual practice. Through these processes you are implementing strategies for more fully engaging the mind, for enhancing brain function, and opening the the heart. (authorization required)

Satipatthana Sutta Study
There are many ways to study the sutta. A strong foundation is to become deeply familiar with the text. Use this course to start you with a contemplative reading of the sutta, a study that incorporates aspects of contemplative reading and brings you into personal and intimate interaction with the text. (authorization required)